Victoria & Albert Museum - Sacred Silver & Stained Glass Gallery

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V&A Museum Stained Glass Gallery

V&A Sacred Silver & Stained Glass gallery

Two long and slightly tapering halls, with windows overlooking the V&A's garden courtyard, were united with a 4m-high arch opening matching existing archways at the extreme ends. This created a processional 'nave', along which showcases would form 'side chapels'. Stained glass is displayed on screens against the daylight. On the non-window side a full-length false wall acts as a gigantic light-box at high level, allowing the lighting inside to be evenly distributed and exhibits able to be changed. The cases have a pale blue background colour that reflects light onto the silver objects and shows off their details as well as their silhouettes.
The £1.8m project also comprises an education desk with interactive computer, a display of glaziers' tools, large print books about the collection, a 'please touch' panel of stained glass complete with braille guide, a video loop showing the craft process, and pick-up audio handsets discussing particular exhibits.